Why vegan?

For the animals.

For your health.

For the planet.

For the people.

stock image charity heart hand.png

10% to charity.

We offer significantly reduced pitch rates for charities and non-profitable organisations at all our events and always try our best to have a fair balance of local and national charities represented.

We also donate 10% of the entry fee money to charitable causes. Find out more about the charities we work with.

Offsetting our carbon emissions.

We are delighted that people travel far and wide to support our events and the businesses who trade at them. Although we always encourage people to walk, cycle or take public transport where they can, more often than not this isn’t a practical option for people.

We've become more and more aware of the c02 emissions caused from our events so we've decided to do something about it. If you've traveled to one of our events and would like to offset your carbon emissions why not donate a tree to our grove today?

One native tree will fix around 0.16 tonnes of CO2.

A medium sized petrol ar produces around 0.16 tonnes every 500 miles.

Working with ethical businesses.

We select our stall holders to ensure variety, quality and to support independent traders and companies with sustainable, ethical and environmentally sound practices.

We have always made the conscious decision to favour companies that are 100% vegan, however in some occasions we do have traders that aren’t 100% vegan at our events. We believe that it is important to show all businesses the value and importance of veganism.

Reducing waste.


We have always favoured businesses who use ethical packaging for their products but for 2019 we are taking it one step further and are committing to ditch single use plastics from all products sold at our events.


In 2018 we ran The Vegan Food Collection’s in partnership with local food banks at both Frome and Weston-Super-Mare which were both a great success. For 2019 we are hoping to run The Vegan Food Collection across even more of our events!


However, the responsibility of reducing waste isn’t just on us and our traders! If you are coming along to one of our events make sure you bring your own tote/canvas bag and if you’re planning on buying fresh goods why not bring your own lunch box or container to take your treats home in?