About us.

Event organiser Jo with the rest of the Devizes Vegan Fair team.

Event organiser Jo with the rest of the Devizes Vegan Fair team.

What we do.

We create vibrant, fun and inclusive events to showcase veganism. Although each event varies in size, they all follow roughly the same format, a market showcasing a range of local and national businesses that offer vegan products and brands, alongside a programme of talks, demos and workshops for people to enjoy throughout the day.

In the past we’ve also run a vegan human book library and speed dating sessions.

The majority of our events are paid entry. The entry fee goes towards the costs involved in putting on the event.

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Making veganism accessible.

Our aim is to give people the opportunity to sample and discover a wide variety of artisan, plant-based products made by independent businesses right on your doorstep. It's clear that the popularity of veganism is no longer regarded as a trend but as a way of life for millions across the UK. That being said, it is still increasingly difficult to buy certain plant-based products without having to order online or travel into a city-centre. 


Support small businesses.

We want to support independent, local business by giving them a platform to get their products and brands out there. For many traders, their main source of income is from trading at fairs and markets across the country and a stepping stone to take their business to the next step. We have a great relationship with our traders and are proud to be a part of their journey.


Spreading the Vegan message.

We think that running vegan fairs and markets can be one of the most affective forms of vegan outreach. All our events have been first time events in the towns that they have been held in, and often attract the attention and attendance of local people, not all of whom are vegan. We have been praised at being able to showcase the vegan lifestyle in a friendly, approachable, accessible away.


“There is a huge increase in the amount of people reducing the amount of meat and dairy they eat. More and more people are enjoying the benefits that a plant-based diet entails. In South West there is already a wide range of shops, cafes and restaurants offering delicious plant-based food. Times are changing and we’re very proud to be a part of that change.”

— Jo Harrington, Vegan Fairs Organiser


Our Audience.

Everyone is welcome at our events including vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians, reductionists and omnivores!

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Our Traders.

We select our stall holders to ensure variety, quality and to support independent traders and companies with sustainable, ethical and environmentally sound practices.


Keeping it local.

Having a strong local focus is something that's really important to us and we always make sure that our events showcase local traders and businesses. Shopping local builds communities, boosts the local economy and your shopping will likely have a lower carbon footprint!


Talks and Demos.

As well as showcasing the best vegan products at our events we also like to make sure there is a full programme of talks and demos for you to enjoy throughout the day. Our programme will vary from venue to venue so make sure you check out the schedule ahead of the event!