Vegan speed dating session at Chippenham Vegan Fair


Who can take part

Anyone! As well as those looking for love our speed dating sessions are also open to those who are keen to gain new friendships. It can be hard to make new friends in nowadays and especially hard to find friends who share the same ethical values as you. Our speed dating sessions provide a safe, friendly environment for you to meet like-minded people without any judgement or prejudice.

Although the majority of people taking part will be vegan, it isn’t essential to be a vegan to join in. If you are v-curious this could be a great opportunity to chat to people who are already championing a plant-based lifestyle and learn more about the movement.

How it will work

Registration for our speed-dating session will be open from 10am with the first session which will run from 11am - 12pm. When you register you will be asked for your contact details and whether or not you are interested in finding friendship only or are open to finding a romance too. You will be given a name badge and if you are interested in finding something romantic a love heart badge that you should wear during the session. You will also be assigned to be a part of either group A or group B.

The room in the venue will be set up with tables and chairs in a sequenced order. Group As will be sat at a table which they will remain at throughout the duration of the session. Group Bs will sit and have a 3 min conversation with Group As and when the bell rings will move onto the next table.

Every participant will have a card and a pen and if they want to make contact with a person they’ve been speaking to after the event they must write their name on the card. At the end of the session cards are handed into the organisers and only if both people have shown an interest in each other will contact details be passed on.


  1. You are not allowed to ask for someone’s contact details directly

  2. No inappropriate conversations that might make people feel uncomfortable

  3. Participants must be over 16 years old


  1. Avoid topics of conversation like ‘what do you do for a living? / how much do you earn?’

  2. Below is a list of questions that you can use as a starting point for conversations but once you have started, feel free to ask your own questions.

Question Suggestions

  • Are you vegan?

  • How long have you been vegan / why did you decide to go vegan?

  • What’s your favourite restaurant?

  • What is your best vegan dish to cook?

  • Are you involved in vegan activism?

  • What is your favourite film / book / play / museum?

  • Which TV programme would you never miss?

  • If you could invite anyone to dinner, dead or alive, who would it be?

  • Did you have a childhood hero, who are/ were they?

  • What was the last music/ book you purchased?

  • What’s your favourite thing to do in your spare time?

  • Where in the world would you like to be this weekend and why?

  • If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

  • If you could have a superpower for a day which one would you choose?

  • Who is your favourite actor/ comedian / sports person?

  • Are you an indoors person or do you enjoy the great outdoors?

  • Who inspires you?

Daisy Botha