Trader Applications.

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Pitches/Floor plan.

Pitches at the events will accommodate a table measuring 180cm x 70cm (6ft x 2ft). You may apply for more than one table space. The table and space behind it is your allocated pitch. If you wish to increase this area, bring additional tables, or structures such as pop up banners then please contact us in advance of the event as this will incur an additional charge. We will do everything we can to try to accommodate requests for a specific pitch, but please be aware we are often working within the limits of the buildings. Some venues will supply tables and chairs, some will require you to provide your own. When your application is approved we will let you know what is available.

Floor plans are agreed with each venue in advance of the event. We may not be able to permit changes on the day, as these affect venue licensing including health and safety and emergency escape routes. You will receive a plan before the event.

Food trucks will be given a pitch appropriate to their size, please indicate the size of your vehicle. Please note that not all events allow food trucks.

Selection of stallholders.

We promote a diverse range of products and services at the event, so stalls will be allocated on suitability and not necessarily on a first come first served basis. However, please note that your booking is not confirmed until full payment has been received.

Public relations.

We endeavour to make the Vegan Fair a real success, using all opportunities for raising awareness for the event. We would be happy to use any suitable images that you may wish to contribute. Any images used will be properly attributed.


Payment will only be accepted electronically by BACS, costs and the account details for payments will follow with a successful application. We may not be able to accommodate all your applications for fairs as the number and types of stands allowed vary at each event.


If you would like more information or have a question regarding your application please contact us.

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Chippenham Vegan Fair *
Sun 27 Oct 2019
Cirencester Vegan Fair *
Sun 3 Nov 2019
Clevedon Vegan Fair *
Sun 10 Nov
Frome Monthly Vegan Markets
We also run a regular vegan market with the Cheese and Grain in Frome which takes place on the first Saturday of every other month. These events are free for people to attend.
Frome Monthly Vegan Market - Oct *
Sat 5 Oct
Frome Monthly Vegan Market - Dec
Sat 7 Dec
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